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Dialog RingIN Tones

RingIN Tones are high-quality music and audio tracks that you can play for people that call you. Instead of hearing beep… beep… beep they can listen to music of your choice. You can even customize your tones based on who's calling and when.

Airtel Welcome Tunes

Simply Dial 7551 to Activate your Airtel Welcome Tune ! Airtel Welcome Tunes is the perfect way to keep your callers entertained while you pick the call. Airtel offers the finest collection of Sinhala, English, Tamil and Hindi music to suit your personality.

Etisalat Call-a-Tune

"Call -A-Tune" or Personalized Ring Back tones replace the conventional "ring ring" tone the others hear when they are calling you. You can select a wide range of "Call-A-Tunes" in Sinhala, Tamil, English, Hindi, Instrumental, Seasonal songs as well as Funny Tunes to personalize your ring back tone.

Hutch Hello Tunes

Now, your callers don't have to listen to a boring dial tone anymore when trying to reach you. Instead YOU can express YOUR kind of music by changing it to any song of your preference by simply selecting a Hutch Hello Tune.

Mobitel mTunes

Play your favourite song for your callers! With mTunes, you can select a song that will play instead of the standard ringing tone. Impress your friends by playing your favourite song as your mobile ringtone. Choose and download from our wide collection of songs at wap.mobitel.lk.

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